The EUROPEM commitment to our clients does not stop when a project has been delivered. We continue to support our clients during operation and maintenance, since we believe that such a relationship is necessary in today’s competitive environment.

EUROPEM can support its clients with Service Level Agreements to Ensure pro-active preventive maintenance, spare and consumable parts management, as well as the optimisation of plant performance.

EUROPEM’s comprehensive range of site services includes:

  • Inspection, refurbishment and replacement of piping (waste gas, pilot gas, support gas, steam, etc.)
  • Inspection, maintenance and refurbishment of pilot burners and ignition systems
  • Inspection, maintenance and refurbishment of burners
  • Inspection, supply and installation of refractory lining systems and burner blocks
  • Catalyst replacement and catalyst lifetime enhancement
  • On-site and off-site refurbishment of furnaces, reactors and burners


  • Installation and Commissioning of complete flare systems
  • Aerial (UMV) Flare Stack/Tip and Pilot/Ignition system inspection on Operational Flares, to prepare/facilitate optimum Flare maintenance and refurbishment during programmed shut-downs
  • Flare tip inspection, refurbishment and replacement
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all pilot burners and ignition systems
  • Inspection, Re-Tensioning or the replacement of guy wire support systems
  • Inspection, Refurbishment and Repair of Steel Derrick structures
  • Inspection, Refurbishment or replacement of utility piping (waste gas, pilot gas, support gas, steam etc.)

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