Mobile Flare Systems

Mobile Flare Systems

Many situations call for temporary flare systems e.g. the cleaning and inspection of storage tanks, pipeline networks and also chemical and petrochemical plant maintenance and revamp projects.

For these situations Europem has developed a range of mobile flare systems using either pipe flares or assisted flares.

Mobile flare units can be free standing and transported by truck or they can be permanently ready mounted on a trailer.

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Our mobile systems can be supplied on a procurement, lease or rental basis.

  • EP-MWTF Mobile Well Test Flare
  • EP-MBDF Mobile Blow Down Flare
  • EP-TMF Trailer Mounted Flare

Trailer Mounted


  • Trailer Mounted Flare system for use in pipeline maintenance, tank cleaning and oil/gas exploration

  • Rapid and simple installation without a crane

  • Capacity up to 10.000 Nm³/h and a height of 12 m


  • Demountable installed on a Trailer

  • Self supported or Derrick supported flare stack

  • Pipe Flare or Air assisted flare of 12″, 18″ or 24 “

  • Modular design

System consists of the following items

  • Flare Tip complete with pilots

  • Gas train with regulating valves, flow measurement and FID measurements

  • Utility Piping

  • Ignition panel and control cabinet for safe and reliable operation

Transportable Mobile Flare System


  • Mobile flare system consisting of modular elements for quick build-up and mobilisation.
  • Flaring during oil exploration or pipeline maintenance.
  • Safe handling of vapours during tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance or plant maintenance
  • Transportable by road on a flat bed truck


  • Smokeless, air assisted and self-supporting flare stack
  • Designed for road transport with controls mounted on a 20’ container frame
  • Installation with a crane within 2 – 4 hours
  • Modular design to meet the clients needs
  • Optional Zone 0 explosive vapour displacement system

System consisting of following items

  • Smokeless air assisted flare up to 25.000 Nm³/h
  • Height of 12 m up to 20 meter
  • Flame arrestor
  • Combustion Air fan
  • Flare tip complete with pilot burners
  • Safe vapour displacement system TÜV-Suez approved
  • Gas train and interconnecting utility piping
  • Detonation arrestor
  • Overall control cabinet for safe and reliable operation

Guy Wired Mobile FlareSystem



  • Mobile flare system which consists of modular elements for rapid mobilisation and site build

  • Typically used for flaring during plant maintenance or maintenance on the main flare


  • Modular Flare stack, guy wire supported
  • Pipe Flare or Air assisted flare
  • Flare stack of 12, 18 or 24 meters high
  • Installation with a crane within 4 – 6 hours
  • Trailer mounted ignition panel and control cabinet

System consisting of the following items

  • Flare stack with guy wire support system
  • Flare tip with capacities up to 25.000 Nm³/h
  • Concrete foundation blocks for the flare stack and guy wire support system
  • Skid mounted ignition panel and control cabinet
  • Skid mounted air fan with controls for air assisted flare tip (if applicable)
  • Height of the flare stack 12 m, 18 m or 24 meter

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