EUROPEM is delighted to announce the participation to the “NUMECA International Meeting – Virtual Prototyping – Ensuring reliability of your simulations”, November 13th – 15th, Brussels, Belgium. The conference will be followed by a third full day of technical workshops, demonstrations and best practices in different industry sessions.

EUROPEM will be part from the TURBO, AERO & Multiphysics SESSION, in Modelling industrial burners with FineTM /Open.

The key benefits of the workshop are learning and applying the latest advancements and trends in CFD into the industrial field, gain insights on how CFD simulation tools can further reduce engineering time and come up with better designs at an affordable cost.

Meet the developers and engineering team to discuss further directions in CFD solutions and network with other professionals in your industry.
The topic will include combustion systems, natural draft burners, incinerator (Ultra) Low NOx burners, Low NOx Multifuel, SRU Burners, specialty burners etc.

Join EUROPEM team, workshop, in Raddisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels – Rue du Fosse aux Loups 47 – 1000 Brussels – Belgium.


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