Brussels, 24th October 2017

Belgian-Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Seminar - Catching the Indian Tiger

With the title “Catching the Indian Tiger or Herding Tigers?”, Mr. Chris Mols and Mr. Mandar Patil presented Europem’s endeavours in India to a large group of business people and officials. Starting on a lighter note, Mr. Mols explained the thorough hands-on training European staff received in the virtues of patience and the perfection of Indian bureaucracy. Gradually the presentation shifted to the keys to success such as motivated and highly qualified engineering staff, the fruits of perseverance and the breakthrough realized by hard and dedicated work.

Europem completed her first project in India in 2013, started Europem India Pvt Ltd in 2014, achieved registration as approved supplier to EIL and other leading Indian companies in 2015 and commenced executing projects for leading Indian companies in 2016. During this journey, our Belgian and Indian team worked hand-in-glove to overcome tedious and endless administrative requirements, develop a reliable supply chain, and establish Europem as a household name in the Indian oil&gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

With five projects in execution and a year-on-year growth of over 300%, 2017 turns out to be a turning point, providing a sound basis for further growth in India and beyond.

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